100 Day Challenge

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Why is the next challenge 100 days?

80 days ago I found a video posted online, of a woman who took a 100 day challenge to get in shape. She recorded 10 seconds each day as she transformed found a new love herself. The challenge is called “Give it 100″ www.giveit100.com. The “FitFabBody100 day Challenge” has been approved by the Give It 100 team. All participants of the challenge will be encouraged (but not required) to post a 10 second video each day as they fight through the struggles, find ways to overcome excuses and obstacles, and share their successes. www.giveit100.com has a community of people who are committing to do something for 100 days. It is an extremely supportive community of people. I am personally on my 80th day of posting and I have received nothing but love and support from others. I am excited to introduce this awesome platform to you all and I hope that you will find it as amazing as I have.

Woman Takes a 100 Day Challenge to Get in Shape


Whether your goal is to stay consistent with your workouts, lose weight, increase endurance or gain strength the 100 day challenge can help you focus your priorities to achieve success!


Date: April 7th-July 16th 2014

Price: $150-1499 (depending on the package you choose)

3-42** 50 Minute Personal Training Sessions (at a personal Gym)

3- 15 Minute Measurement Check-in Appointments

100 Days of Unlimited Bootcamp (included in training packages packages of 1x/week or more)

1- FitFabBody T-Shirt, Water Bottle or Mug (your choice)


100 day 1st2nd3rd2014Rules:

Winners will be determined based on highest % of body fat lost from the first measurement until the final day. For fairness and consistency, the Omonron electric Bodyfat will be used for measurements purposes and to determine winners.**Bootcamp Dates and Times are subject to change** If Bootcamp Classes are cancelled you will receive a comp class to use after the 100 Day package is up.**If you are currently in an unlimited or # of class package you will start the 100 days of unlimited bootcamp on the first day you attend class once the initial package is up. The actual challenge will still take place on the specified dates.** Training sessions will expire after the 100 Days (July 16th, 2014). Missed days will not roll over. I will do my best to accommodate your needs to reschedule as needed. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to appointment times.** Unilimited Bootcamp packages will activate on the first day you attend class and expire 100 days later. EX: If you begin the package on 4/7/14 it will expire on 7/16/14. This package is not 100 classes.

Why Choose Personal Training?

I have included packages with Personal Training which give more accountability and guidance. These packages include one-on-one training sessions of 1-3 times a week throughout the 100 day challenge (14 weeks). As an added bonus, all training packages of 1x per week or more include free unlimited bootcamp for the duration of the challenge.
Measurement check-ins will take place at the beginning, middle and final day of the challenge. The Personal Training Sessions will be based on your personal goals. We can use the time to talk about goals, create a workout plan, talk about nutrition and or workout. You choose how we spend the time!



100 Day Prices