Nutrition is a very important factor in getting to any health or fitness goal. If there is one thing that I have learned in my years of training it is that diets don’t work! Don’t get me wrong, they may work for a period of time, but in the long run I would say that 99% of them fail.  What is important is finding a balance between the foods that you enjoy, the foods that you need, and exercise.


All Personal Training packages come along with a weeks worth of meal planning based on your needs and designed around your goals. The meal plans should be used loosely to help guide you to healthy nutritious options that can be used throughout the day. My best suggestion to you is to log your food, and together, we can figure out how to make this a life long change that you can sustain and be happy with!



The Science Your BodyMedia® FIT Armband has multiple sensors. Those innovative sensors take 5 different “views” of your life: 1. Motion The Armband contains an accelerometer, a device that measures motion. (Your car air bag has an accelerometer in it that lets it know when you’ve been in an accident.) We use it to measure …

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